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Freedrich Network

Ebru Kohlerr

20 Nis 2023

Started in 2020, published on April 3 ,2023

Hello dear friends and users. After a data analysis period of 3 months , our application and website are about to go live .In the process, we're adding this post to introduce you to who we are. We are a crypto mining, investment and employment platform project established by a group of communities in Switzerland. As you know, our project, which will be published this month, has found many investors and declared that it is ready to start. We are definitely on the air this month after getting the necessary permissions. Do not miss the process. We would like to give you some words and information about our project.

•A promise to stay active for every user, in every language. Our commitment to you as much as your commitment to us is a promise. Service and support will be provided in every language, no one will be victimized.

•Promotion in the market will grow with many events, users will be kept active and happy. We will have game tournaments, our own national days, conferences.

•We will offer you an investment opportunity. You can like and share many applications yourself. You can also share your own application or business projects to raise funds . You can mine frdc coin and get a place in the market.

•A minimalist passive income and opportunity project that is always active in your pocket, does not steal data, does not consume battery, does not take up space.

•Also, let's not forget that; We will offer you job opportunities. We will create job opportunities for many people. This is possible with Perte. You can access this feature by clicking the profile section in the applications.


(This is a project. It won't cost you anything. You can buy the most digging speed and spend money with it )

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