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$3/estimate rate

It is not the real price. These are data adjusted entirely according to the users' mining speed. As users mining, download the application, and NFTs are distributed, the system is indexed according to the burned FRCs.

Fast. Trustworthy.Stylish.Simple.

Join this coin chain that is trying to gain a place on the internet and start earning. We protect your data and do not consume your battery life. Increase the speedup by inviting friends.

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Frc Nft Shop

You become the profit owner of 50% of the NFT product sales rights you may have.


What does it do if I buy an acceleration package?

If you purchase a crypto mining acceleration package, it typically means you're investing in hardware or services designed to improve the efficiency, speed, or profitability of cryptocurrency mining operations. Here's what such a package might involve

When does the project become a real unit?

After completing our project steps, we are trying to create internet employment by using it instead of the valid currency in our own applications and application markets. Support us on this path and invite your friends. Take it further by purchasing booster packages. Summer market and 4 more applications will be integrated.

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